Hanterior- Chiropractic Adjusting Tool

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"I think the Hanterior provides a perfect middle ground. When I was using the tool I felt I still had the ability to create that “big cavitation” if I wanted, or go easy and really feel the movement in the subluxated segments."

-Circle of Docs Founder, Dr. Beau Pierce 

Are you happy with your adjusting tool?

You probably haven't given much thought to how your adjusting affects your practice and yourself unless it's causing you some pain, and if it is causing you some pain already you realize the importance of protecting yourself. We've got a better way to save your hands and your practice. We call it the Hanterior 

The first adjusting tool designed to keep you and your practice moving.

The adjusting tools on the market might help your hands but they can slow down your practice. Carrying these tools around, pulling them out of a drawer, and putting them one your hand after palpating is inefficient and slows your practice down. 

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Easy on. Easy Off.

Don’t spend $100- $350 to get something that slows down your practice! The elastic band on the Hanterior allows it to come on and off quickly to store in your pocketor simply slide it on your wrist or the back of your hand between patients. You don’t need to worry about carrying this from room to room or finding somewhere to store it while examining the patient. Even while on your palm the Hanterior stays out of the way of your fingers, allowing for accurate palpation and placement. Any Chiropractors doing standing, supine, or any other anterior adjustment need to try this while their hands are still in good shape! Protect your most valuable asset and give great adjustments at the same time.

Solid base. Soft contact. Doesn't slow you down

The Hanterior is the only anterior chiropractic adjusting tool that allows you to maintain an efficient practice. The solid hard plastic base with soft plastic (replaceable)contacts mimics your hand contact with a smaller surface area contacting the patient letting you be more specific and use less force. All you need to do after palpating is slide the Hanterior to your palm and adjust away! The design mimics the standard hand contact so there is very little change in your adjusting mechanics and the soft contacts are more patient friendly than your fist!