Hanterior- Cosmetic Flaw Black Friday


Limited Quantity: Minor Cosmetic Defects + Black Friday = Major Savings!

Because of our manufacturing technique we occasionally get some Hanteriors that have small superficial imperfections. Instead of letting them go to waist we decided to offer them on our Black Friday sale! This is the lowest price we have ever offered for a Hanterior!


Why the Hanterior? 

  1. Compact: stick it in your pocket 
  2. Won't slow you down 
  3. Doesn't cover your fingers (you can still palpate!)
  4. Designed to mimic a natural contact 
  5. Takes the stress off your joints
  6. Spreads the force throughout your palm
  7. Contacts with just the right amount of give
  8. Solid base for a solid adjustment 

Don't spend $140+ for a bulky tool that will slow down your practice.


Includes: Hanterior(base + 2 contacts) and an adjustable elastic strap. 

Note: Tax automatically added for Minnesota sales


    $ 45.00 $ 75.00