Great Review from Circle of Docs Founder Dr. Beau Pierce

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Here is a section pulled from the review:

"It was very easy to take out of my pocket, slide on my hand and position it in my palm.  Matter of fact, after using it about 20x that first morning, patients could not even tell I was putting the tool on/off in my adjusting routine.

The biggest difference between the Hanterior and other anterior adjusting wedges is the way it allows you to adjust. The “other” tools provide a “block under the vertebrae experience”. These other tools were created to provide leverage to adjust the segment. The Hanterior is completely different.

When wearing the Hanterior I could still palpate the thoracic segments and really position myself as to the correct line of drive that I wanted to use to deliver the adjustment. With the Tepperwedge I was more “guesstimating” where to adjust then applying a downward force.

During the actual delivery of the adjustment there is a vast difference when using the Hanterior. When I adjust using just my hands I can feel every vertebrae move and the skin to skin contact is so pure. However, when I used the Tepperwedge I found I didn’t have to apply as much force as a manual adjustment to create movement, however the “feel” of the adjustment is totally lost.

I think the Hanterior provides a perfect middle ground. When I was using the tool I felt I still had the ability to create that “big cavitation” if I wanted, or go easy and really feel the movement in the subluxated segments. I felt totally comfortable using this on a patient who was as young as five years old, a 94yr old granny, and a 345lb football lineman at my local college." 

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